From the recording Empty Through Empty Space

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The Day Liz Taylor Died

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Jeremy Wilson - vocals / acoustic guitar
Dylan-Thomas Vance - lap slide guitar
Matthew Rotchford - electric bass
John Moen - drums
Jen Conlee-Drizos - hammond keyboard

Produced by Sean Flora and Jeremy Wilson
Recorded and Engineered by Sean Flora on analog tape at JWF Studio Portland, OR
Mixed by Sean Flora at Type Foundry Portland, OR & Sean Flora’s Pad
Mastered by Kevin Hahn at Opal Studio Portland, OR

Written and composed by Jeremy Wilson
(c)(p) 2014 Jeremy Wilson / MastanMusic ASCAP


The Day Liz Taylor Died

Abandoned to the trailer
A fool on the outside
All Bettys go to heaven
And old men off to die

Caged in the forest
A mud saloon in the dark
Scribbling on this paper
Like some freak in the park
The day Liz Taylor died

My heart was torn like thunder
And part of me fell aside
I looked at everyone different
Like I was watchin’ from outside

A movie in slow motion
A viewer from far removed
I swam with the jellyfishes
And took my seat beneath her moon
The day Liz Taylor died

I felt life so vicious
As the sounds in my head played
All the euphoric memories
Of past love and hate

The wisdom that was in me
Well I guess it showed up late
Because my poor old man got an ear full
And I stumbled at the plate
The day Liz Taylor died

The day Liz Taylor shook the earth
And went up to heaven high
The message was cemented
Clearly written in the sky

“I need time and distance”
Well I hope it’s all worthwhile
I know I’m going to miss everything about you
And I’m going to feel every mile
The day Liz Taylor died