From the recording Empty Through Empty Space

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I Cant Bury You

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Jeremy Wilson - vocals / acoustic guitar
Eric Lovre - electric and feedback guitars
Jim talstra - electric bass
John Moen - drums

Produced by Sean Flora and Jeremy Wilson
Recorded and Engineered by Sean Flora on analog tape at JWF Studio Portland, OR
Mixed by Sean Flora at Type Foundry Portland, OR & Sean Flora’s Pad
Mastered by Kevin Hahn at Opal Studio Portland, OR

Written and composed by Jeremy Wilson
(c)(p) 2014 Jeremy Wilson / MastanMusic ASCAP


I Can’t Bury You

Daddy I want you to know
I can’t see you
Asleep in the dark
No, I can’t bury you

I say Daddy don’t you leave this plane
I can’t bare you gone
And don’t feel no blame
Daddy, please just don’t leave

I say Daddy please don’t leave
I can’t bury you
I can’t bury you
No, I can’t bury you

I swear we’re good you and me
So please don’t let it be
Asleep in the dark
‘cause I can’t bury you
I can’t bury you