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I recorded this song when I moved back from Seattle after my band Pilot broke-up. It tells a true tale. I needed a laugh to keep from cryin', so I wrote this song! This version was the guide track that I made. A guide track is the original version of the song done to a click track, which is then used as the "guide" for tracking drums, bass and other parts. Some day I may release the full band version, but I rather like the stripped down boom-chuck rough mix.

Jeremy Wilson - vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Janice Deschene, Elana Beudreux, Sam Densmore, John Densmore - backing vocals
John Cluff - drum sequencing, "Play it again boys"

Taken from JW Rough Mixes Jan 19, 2000.
Engineered and mixed by John Cluff

Words and music by Jeremy Wilson (c) 2005 Jeremy Wilson/MastanMusic


Mercury Records Rep

Here's all my troubles and my pains from the past
I been low down I been shut down, been a fucking mess

I Know now I got lost I declare

It started with this man who said hold your cards close to your chest
Then he embezzled all my money and just got up and left

I know now I got lost I declare/swear (2xs)

(short solo)

Then My girlfriend fell in love with a backpack
I’d get letters from all over the world and never know where to write her back

I know now I got lost I declare/swear (4xs)


Then I got a call from the Mercury records rep
He said I made a record and it made him soppin' wet
But I wouldn’t be his boy to be abused, used and forget
Now I’m on my own again, just tryin’ to get back

I know now I got lost I declare/swear (4xs)

(c)(p) Jeremy Wilson / MastanMusic 2005 ASCAP