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Recorded direct to hard drive using a system called Paris, Feb 12, 1999 at Tom and Susie's' house in Seattle, Washington.

This is my first ever digital recording, bypassing tape all together. We made the shaker from twp plastic bowls taped together and filled with rice. We used om's pantry as a vocal booth, where I serenaded the pickles.

Jeremy Wilson - guitars, rice-shaker, drum and rhythm sequencing, and vocals
Tom Smurdon - audio engineer, drum and rhythm sequencing.

Words and music by Jeremy Wilson (c) 2005 Jeremy Wilson/MastanMusic



Photographic eye
Full color
Who am I to get lost in your eye?
Who am I?

In the darkness
Who am I to get lost in your eye?

I am blinded
I am blinded by your eyes

(c)(p) Jeremy Wilson / MastanMusic 2005 ASCAP