1. Carnation
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In late 1999, I started working with John Cluff at his Track Shack studio. For almost a month strait in early 2000 I assembled a great group of people , including the talented and eccentric Raphael Rudd, to record at the Track Shack. Rudd was a Julliard trained classical pianist who played like he was on fire. He was proud of his collaborations with Pete Townsend, including working on the soundtrack to the movie Quadrophenia and the album by Pete, Empty Glass. John luff and I produced a CD from tapes of Raphael and Pete playing in London called The Oceanic Concerts. It was released by Rhino Records. Raphael passed away in 2004. I hope that Raphael would be pleased know songs, that he was so jazzed about recording with the gang and I have moved from the shelf and onto the airwaves. RIP my ol' friend.

Jeremy Wilson - electric guitar and vocals
Raphael Rudd - Korg piano setting
Sam Densmore - electric guitar
John Densmore - bass
Johnny "Dagger" Studer - drums
Janice Deschene - backing vocals
John Cluff - audio engineer and final mix

This tune was recorded to D8 digital tape at the Track Shack in Portland, OR.

Words and music by Jeremy Wilson (c) 2005 Jeremy Wilson/MastanMusic