Jeremy Wilson 4 pm - singing original songs in honor of civil rights and loving community.

Jaycob Van Auken 5 pm

Tune in Sunday June 21st at 4 PM to watch live at:

Tips are not expected but they are truly appreciated:
Venmo = @Jeremy-Wilson-43 (or just go to)

Front Porch Music PDX: because there is happiness in music. We hope to inspire others to get outside safely and enjoy the music of our neighborhoods.

How’d it get started? Caroline Fitchett was out walking her dog when she heard amazing, soulful music coming from somewhere in the neighborhood. Drawn to the source, Caroline discovered that it was one man on his front porch singing and playing the most beautiful music she had heard in ages. She was both moved and grateful for this gift, so she decided to give back by opening her front porch for a late afternoon of live music to share with Portland.

We hope that others will come to explore this unique part of North Portland, and maybe others will open their front porches across Portland’s many beautiful neighborhoods.

“It’s not our differences that divide us. It’s our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences. ” -- Audre Lorde

PDX Porch Sessions stands with the protestors, letter writers, organizers, reporters, activists, and many others who have joined together to hold all American institutions to the highest standards. Whatever our future will be we will make it together. All of us at PDX Porch Sessions choose to be accomplices in change not complicit in systemic racism. At PDX Porch Sessions we have dedicated ourselves to the project of learning about systemic flaws in our systems that lead to racial injustice. We will participate in deconstructing and rebuilding our nations flawed systems by uniting our voices and casting our ballots. We will also make sure that the music and musicians we feature celebrate our diversity and that each Session is a safe and welcoming place for all. To hold ourselves accountable, we are building an advisory board of many colors, voices, and areas of expertise. We do our best work when we work together.

Tips are appreciated but not expected. Follow TICKET link to leave a tip: